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The Variation Of Head Plastic Zipper-White Cream
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Sell The Variation Of Head Plastic Zipper-White Cream

Specification of The Variation Of Head Plastic Zipper-White Cream

White White Standard Resleting Head No. 3 Is one type of Head zippers variations to be used on the type of Bags and Head Packaging Sprei a colorful model that follows the trend or a growing model.

Tool Sewing Tool

Sell ​​Head Zipper, Plastic Material (Color Cover) Size No.3, For Your Project Bags and Applications, Leafless Zipper or Zipper Rel, Sale in Pack-an 6000 Pcs

Head Zipper Zipper or Head of MZ brand with size No. 3 White White Color. Head zipper MZ is perfect for you who need zipper medium size with low price but good quality and durable

Head of Economical Resleting, its material from Plastic

The price listed is the retail price, buy more and more of course the cheaper (Check Wholesale Prices). This zipper head can you buy Pack-an, can also be in the form of Carton (Dus) (1 Carton (Dus) content 60.000 Pcs) Wholesale. If you want to buy Per-Carton (Dus) please select the purchase amount of 1 Pack and multiples (1 Carton (Dus) content 3000/4000/5000 / 10.000 / 30.000 / 60.000).

Only for Plastic / Nylon Plastic Relay, Not suitable for Iron / Alluminium Tooth Relay. For the Iron Duct Relay / Alluminium Relay please select the Head Zipper with the title for Dental Relay Rail

Brand: Zipper Tower

Color: White White

Type: Plastic

Head Zipper / Head Zipper Size: No. 3

For Rell zippers are sold separately yes, please check in the window "Rell zippers, Leaf Zippers and Variants Color Leaf Zippers"

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